RESTful web service for my random projects
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Experimental Server

This is server code for a RESTful web service created with Python and the Flask microframework. This web service used to sit on a digitalocean droplet.

Currently supported REST clients

  • To Dooli: A to do list application. View Code

Technologies Used


  1. After cloning this repo to your machine, cd into 'Experimental_Server'.
  2. Enter the command vagrant up. This command can take awhile to run. Ignore the error default: stdin: is not a tty.
  3. Enter the command vagrant ssh.
  4. Once vagrant is up and running cd into '/vagrant'.
  5. Create the data tables using the python command.
  6. (Optional) Then use the python command to add some filler data.
  7. At this point, all the data should be setup. You can launch the application using the python command. Just open up a browser and navigate to 'localhost:5000'.

Helpful Resources


Geordy Williams