Database schema for a Swiss tournament
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Developed the database schema for a Swiss tournament and wrote python code to interface with the database. In a Swiss tournament, players are not eliminated when they lose a match, but are paired in each round with opponents having (approximately) the same win-loss record.

Technologies Used

  • PostgreSQL


  1. After cloning this repo to your machine, cd into 'Tournament_Results'.
  2. Enter the command vagrant up. This command can take awhile to run. Ignore the error default: stdin: is not a tty.
  3. Enter the command 'vagrant ssh'.
  4. Once vagrant is up and running cd into '/vagrant'.
  5. To build the database first run psql then \i tournament.sql. To exit psql use \q.
  6. Enter the command python to run the tests.


  • - Geordy Williams
  • tournament.sql - Geordy Williams
  • - Udacity
  • - Udacity
  • Vagrantfile - Udacity