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# Check Dell PowerVault MD 34/38 Series Storage Arrays Overall Health
# Prerequisites: smcli on a windows machine and a Nagios compatible agent
# Version 0.1
# This script uses smcli to check the overall storage health
# Copyright (c) George Panou
#Script.ps1 - beginning of script
#Declare our named smcli command line arguments here...
[string] $IP,
[string] $Commands
$Commands = "'show storageArray healthStatus;'"
#Write-Output "You specified: $Arguments"
$Result = invoke-expression "& 'C:\Program Files\Dell\MD Storage Software\MD Storage Manager\client\smcli' $IP -c $Commands -S -e "
Write-Output = $Result
$OutputNagios = ""
if($Result -match "optimal"){
if($flag -eq 1){
Write-Output "OK : $OutputNagios"
Write-Output "Critical : $OutputNagios"
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