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PesaPI is an unofficial open source API for (paybill) commercial accounts, released under the BSD(lite) license.
Currently the api is implemented in PHP, Mysql, Curl.

Current status

The current system should be considered as a proff-of-concept, or alpha version - it works but should not be used in a production setup as is.
The system works all the way to the local database - but there are still rough edges and things pending.

System design overview

  • Does synchroization between local and server database.
  • Transaction data are available even when main server is down.
  • Super easy to utilize for integrators (a goal - not there yet).
  • Fast response on historical data.
  • Keep the load on servers as low as possible.
  • Hopefully more reliable than other APIs.

API Overview

The PesaPi class contains several static methods, these methods are the main interface.

  • availableBalance(time) -- returns the balance at a given point in time
  • locateByReceipt(receipt) -- returns a payment or null for the given receipt number
  • locateByPhone(phone, from, until) -- returns an array of payments from a particular phone
  • locateByName(name, from, until) -- returns an array of payments from a particular client name
  • locateByAccount(account, from, until) -- returns an array of payments from a particular account-no
  • locateByTimeInterval(from, until) -- returns an array of all payments within a given time interval

Way forward

The following is a highlevel "todo" list for the project

  • Getting the code to release/production quality
  • Getting more developers onboard
  • "simulator", enables you to develope/test without having a commercial account
  • Port to other languages (Java/Python/Ruby/etc)