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# The DocPad Configuration File
# It is simply a CoffeeScript Object which is parsed by CSON
docpadConfig = {
# =================================
# Template Data
# These are variables that will be accessible via our templates
# To access one of these within our templates, refer to the FAQ:
# Specify some site properties
# The production url of our website
url: ""
# Here are some old site urls that you would like to redirect from
oldUrls: [
# The default title of our website
title: "slidepad"
# The website description (for SEO)
description: """
Generate HTML5 Slides from Markdown.
# The website keywords (for SEO) separated by commas
keywords: """
slidepad, generator, intializer, lide, html5, docpad, big, deck.js, html5slides, impress.js, george_osd, georgeOsdDev, oshida, takeharu, 押田丈治
# The website author's name
author: "Takeharu.Oshida"
# The website author's email
email: ""
# -----------------------------
# Helper Functions
# Get the prepared site/document title
# Often we would like to specify particular formatting to our page's title
# we can apply that formatting here
getPreparedTitle: ->
# if we have a document title, then we should use that and suffix the site's title onto it
if @document.title
"#{@document.title} | #{@site.title}"
# if our document does not have it's own title, then we should just use the site's title
# Get the prepared site/document description
getPreparedDescription: ->
# if we have a document description, then we should use that, otherwise use the site's description
@document.description or @site.description
# Get the prepared site/document keywords
getPreparedKeywords: ->
# Merge the document keywords with the site keywords
@site.keywords.concat(@document.keywords or []).join(', ')
getDocpadInstance: ->
# =================================
# Collections
# These are special collections that our website makes available to us
# For instance, this one will fetch in all documents that have pageOrder set within their meta data
pages: (database) ->
database.findAllLive({pageOrder: {$exists: true}}, [pageOrder:1,title:1])
navmenus: (database) ->
database.findAllLive({tags: {$has: 'navmenu'} ,pageOrder: {$exists: true}},{pageOrder:1})
# big
big: (database) ->
database.findAllLive({tags: {$has: 'big'} ,pageOrder: {$exists: true}},{pageOrder:1})
# deck
deck: (database) ->
database.findAllLive({tags: {$has: 'deck'} ,pageOrder: {$exists: true}},{pageOrder:1})
# h5slide
h5slides: (database) ->
database.findAllLive({tags: {$has: 'h5slides'} ,pageOrder: {$exists: true}},{pageOrder:1})
# impress
impress: (database) ->
database.findAllLive({tags: {$has: 'impress'} ,pageOrder: {$exists: true}},{pageOrder:1})
# =================================
# DocPad Events
# Here we can define handlers for events that DocPad fires
# You can find a full listing of events on the DocPad Wiki
# Server Extend
# Used to add our own custom routes to the server before the docpad routes are added
serverExtend: (opts) ->
# Extract the server from the options
{server} = opts
docpad = @docpad
# As we are now running in an event,
# ensure we are using the latest copy of the docpad configuraiton
# and fetch our urls from it
latestConfig = docpad.getConfig()
oldUrls = or []
newUrl =
# Redirect any requests accessing one of our sites oldUrls to the new site url
server.use (req,res,next) ->
if in oldUrls
res.redirect(newUrl+req.url, 301)
else if req.url is '/pages/start-en'
# Redirect default Getting Started
# Export our DocPad Configuration
module.exports = docpadConfig
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