Vagrant Box(Ubuntu 12.04) of Xitrum and MongoDB stack
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VXiM (Vagrant-Xitrum-MongoDB)

VXiM is a Vagrant Box(Ubuntu 12.04) of Xitrum and MongoDB stack.

How to Start

  1. Download and install VirtualBox by clicking here
  2. Download and install Vagrant by clicking here
  3. Install vagrant-berkshelf-plugin by vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
  4. Install vagrant-omnibus-plugin by vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus
  5. Install vagrant-hostsupdater-plugin by vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater
  6. Clone this repository.
  7. cd /path/to/vxim
  8. vagrant up
  9. Wait few minute with a cup of coffee for the warmup virtual machine. This will take a little while depending on your internet connection.


Configuration Vagrantfile

  • VXIM_HOSTNAME : Guest hostname this value will be add in /etc/hosts with vagrant up. default value is vxim.localhost
  • VXIM_IP : Guest ip address
  • APP_NAME : Your application's name.
  • APP_REPO : Your application's git repo.
  • APP_MAIN : Your application's main class.

vagrant/app/$APP_NAME will be exported as $APP_HOME



Application will start automatically.

So you can see application on http://vxim.localhost:8000 or https://vxim.localhost:4430 from host OS. (Port 8000 and 4430 is default port of xitrum)

Default application scaffold is latest Xitrum-new

NOTICE Xitrum-new does not contain mongoDB related logic default.

For more customize, hack site-cookbooks/xitrum.


Latest MongDB will be installed.MongoDB will working on 27017.

So you can access it with mongo vxim.localhost:27017 command from host OS.

For more customize, See community guide,