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Readline tab completion example for a blog post
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Readline example

Example code for a series of blog post introducing tab completion in GNU Readline.

For more, see the blog posts:

Running the C code

Compile and run the code with:


The defaults in the Makefile are set up for an OS X system with Readline installed via homebrew to /usr/local/opt. You can override these settings with the appropriate values for your system by setting the CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables (see the Makefile for example values).

Running the Ruby code

The Ruby version demonstrates two Ruby patches that need to be applied before the code will run:

At the time of writing, #12659 is already in trunk and the 2.4 preview builds. #13050 hasn't been accepted yet, but may make it before 2.4 final.

Once you have a properly patched version of Ruby, you can run:

ruby main.rb
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