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This is the code for my personal website. The project uses React, Redux, and has a Node API which talks to a Redis database.

I use my site to experiment with things, share stuff I've figured out, and allow people to reach-out to me. So if you're interested in anything I do, get in touch!



Ensure redis is installed (brew install redis).

Running locally

PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD=true yarn install --frozen-lockfile
yarn dev

yarn dev will set all necessary environment variables needed to run the application.

A debugger can be attached to debug server-side code.


If components have changed, snapshot tests may need to be updated. Backstop js visual regression tests may also need to be updated.

To update jest snapshots:

npx jest -u

To update backstopJS snapshots:

./scripts/docker/ --update
  • The first will setup the docker image and container. If they already exist this will be super fast.
  • The second will copy the project over, setup dependencies, build and run, and take screenshots. Failed screenshots will be copied back to your machine.
  • The third simply stops the docker container.

Any changes resulting from these commands should be verified and checked in.


The following environment variables should be set up

Env var Reason Value
GSUITE_APP_PASSWORD To send emails from your Gmail account The password generated to access yout G-Suite account
GSUITE_EMAIL To send emails from your Gmail account Your G-Suite email address
FLICKR_API_KEY To pull images from the showcase album Your Flickr API key
NODE_ENV Makes the magic happen production
REDIS_URL To access the redis database. If no URL is provided, the server will connect to a local redis instance.
SECRET_API_KEY Used to make admin API requests Anything secret and impossible to guess
SESSION_SECRET Used to sign cookies Anything secret and impossible to guess

Hosting on Heroku

To host this on Heroku, you will need to add the Heroku-redis Add-on. Doing so will create a the REDIS_URL environment variable required to connect to the DB. The server code will automatically use this connection if present instead of connecting to a local instance.


Contributions are welcome. Please fork and submit a PR if you want to add or change a feature.