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Debiasing matrix completion via first estimating missingness probabilities via matrix completion

This code accompanies our NeurIPS 2019 paper "Missing Not at Random in Matrix Completion: The Effectiveness of Estimating Missingness Probabilities under a Low Nuclear Norm Assumption".

Authors: George H. Chen (, Wei Ma (

We have also included code by some other authors, namely:

Code dependencies

We tested this code using Anaconda Python 3.7 in a Linux environment (Ubuntu 18.04) with these additional packages:

  • surprise (install using pip install -U surprise)
  • copt (install using pip install -U copt)
  • hnswlib (install using pip install hnswlib)

We modified Surprise's SVD and SVDpp to allow for weighted entries, and we also have helper functions coded in cython; these require cython compilation:

python build_ext --inplace

Getting the code to run

To run the code, you must first prepare datasets and then you can run python <dataset name> (edit to specify which matrix completion algorithms to run).

For the synthetic datasets, prepare them by running python

Then you should be able to run python steck-0 (as well as steck-1, steck-2, up through steck-9 for the MovieLoverData and useritemfeature-0, useritemfeature-1, up through useritemfeature-9 for the UserItemData).

For the Coat dataset, download it here:

Copy it to ./coat/

Run python Then you should be able to run python coat.

For the MovieLens-100k dataset, download it here:

Copy it to ./ml-100k/

Run python ml-100k-0 (as well as ml-100k-1, ml-100k-2, up through ml-100k-9)


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