Lavaca Starter app with bootstrap already setup.
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Lavaca-starter 2.3.0

Build Status

This project is a seed for creating a new Lavaca app. It includes a build system and opional integration with Cordova.

Startup guide

Getting Started

  1. Get the code
  1. Install grunt-cli globally Note: this may require sudo
$ npm install -g grunt-cli
  1. Install bower globally Note: this may require sudo
$ npm install -g bower
  1. Install dev dependencies
$ npm install && bower install
  1. Start Development Server
$ grunt server

Your application should now be running on localhost:8080.

Grunt Tasks

Below is a list of grunt tasks to aid development and facilitate deployment. More on Build Configuration


A task that simply runs a static server for local development and testing. Defaults to run on localhost:8080 with src being the root directory.

  • Run the default static server
$ grunt server


Precompiles LESS and Dust templates, concats and minifies all CSS and JavaScript files, and builds all related files to www, android/assets/www and ios/www directories.

  • Build with local config
$ grunt build
  • Build with staging config (a copy of the build will be available in www folder)
$ grunt build:staging
  • Build with production config (a copy of the build will be available in www folder)
$ grunt build:production


Runs unit tests defined in test/unit directory with Jasmine in a headless instance of Webkit using PhantomJS.

  • Run unit tests from test/unit
$ grunt test


Generates JavaScript documentation using yuidoc. The resulting documentation is outputed to the doc folder.

  • Generate JavaScript Documentation
$ grunt yuidoc