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* Copyright (c) 2013 Georg Ehrke <oc.list <at> georgehrke <.> com>
* This file is licensed under the MIT License
* See the LICENSE file.
* @repo:
* Parameters:
* <user of webserver> - checkout your distros doc
* <name of this script> - should be automatedimport.php if you didn't rename it
* <userid of calendar owner> - userid of the calendars owner, probably your userid
* <id of calendar> - to get this id, take a look at the table %prefix%clndr_calendars in your database
* <valid PHP timezone> - checkout
* what todo before first run:
* - set the correct path for OCROOT on line 25
* How to run this script from command line:
* $ sudo -u <user of webserver> php <name of this script> <absolute path to calendar file> <userid of calendar owner> <id of calendar> <valid PHP timezone>
* Example on debian:
* $ sudo -u www-data php automatedimport.php /home/georg/somerandomicsfile.ics georg 7 Europe/Berlin
//define the root path of ownCloud
define('OCROOT', '');
$nl = "\n";
//disable all error reporting.
//elsewise there will be a lot of PHP Notices because this script is running on command line
if(OCROOT === ''){
echo 'please set ownCloud\'s root path in ' . $argv[0] . $nl;
//check if all necessary parameters are given
if($argc < 5){
echo 'Parameters:' . $nl;
echo $argv[0] . ' <absolute path of calendar file> <userid> <id of calendar> <valid php timezone>' . $nl;
//define vars
$path = (string) $argv[1];
$userid = (string) $argv[2];
$calendarid = (int) $argv[3];
$tz = (string) $argv[4];
//it's not necessary to load all apps
require_once(OCROOT . '/lib/base.php');
//set userid
//get content of calendar file
$ics = file_get_contents($path);
//check if calendar app is enabled and load calendar scripts
//delete all old calendar entries
$stmt = OCP\DB::prepare( 'DELETE FROM `*PREFIX*clndr_objects` WHERE `calendarid` = ?' );
//initialize a new import object
$import = new OC_Calendar_Import($ics);
//import calendar