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Driver not working on mac os x mavericks #12

yw820yw opened this Issue · 1 comment

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hi, I just updated to mac os x mavericks from lion and the tablet driver that worked fine until now wont open. :( Is there an update coming for this os x or is downgrading my os the only solution? I am so angry at myself for updating to new osx without checking the compatibility. I will really appreciate if you guys can make this driver available for new osx too. Thanks.



I'm sorry to say that the app is not actively supported by me anymore. I've moved away from my sis-in-law's city, and I don't have a tablet to test on.

Your best bet is go to the Facebook page and beg Bosto to pay for a developer to produce drivers, or convince someone to continue this open source project. Sorry it's not better news.

Downgrading your os is not the answer - you'll be susceptible to security flaws.

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