Bosto on Linux #6

InsaneMachina opened this Issue May 3, 2013 · 1 comment

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Well, I know this is a Mac driver, but as far as I could learn from what Jeff from Bosto told me, it uses some components taken from a Linux driver. It kept me wondering if then Bosto's products would work under Linux. As I'm not exactly a big fan of trowing cash away to find out, I'm here to suggest a little colaboration between you guys and maybe the team behind MyPaint, as they have a pretty solid paint software that works cross platform, Windows, Linux and Mac if I remember well enough... MyPaint could be an optimum sandbox for testing and assessing the problems that arise, and as it's developers constanty contribute to the opensource drivers for tablets, it could be a great dialogue for improving in both parts... MyPaint's website is
Thanks in advance for your attention!

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