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A demonstration of cellular automata, JavaScript and the Web MIDI API
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Cellular Automata, JavaScript & MIDI

An interactive demonstration of cellular automata and the Web MIDI API on a Novation Launchpad MK2. Prepared for my talk: Make More Than Music with MIDI, JavaScript & Tiny Computers. I would love to speak at your event :)

🎬 Watch a video demonstration on YouTube

Inspired by Tero Parviainen's talk at FullStack London 2017 on Generative Music and JavaScript and Chris Wilson's Web MIDI demo for Conway's Game of Life.

If you have a Novation Launchpad MK2 and are using Chrome you can plug it into your computer right now and see the demo here:


More information for this demo can be found in this blog post:


For additional demos, resources and information regarding my talk on JavaScript and MIDI please visit

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