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updated instructions for uploading with Arduino

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@@ -17,6 +17,14 @@ It has 10 different "modes" that can be enabled including:
- **Mode 9**: Play random notes over the internal speaker (non-MIDI mode)
- **Mode 10**: Mix RGB colors with the onboard LEDs using incoming MIDI messages

## How to Upload

- Download the [Arduino IDE](
- If Adafruit Circuit Playground is not listed among the installed boards find and install it via **Tools > Board > Boards Manager**
- Go to **Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries** and install the [MIDIUSB library](
- Select the correct port for your device and the appropriate board (Either *Adafruit Circuit Playground* or *Adafruit Circuit Playground Express*)
- Open the sketch in this repository and upload it to your device
- Have fun hacking away!

## How to Use

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