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A project that ensures your tweet history never exceeds the number of followers you have.
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Tweeter Totter

🦜           🦜

Keep your Twitter tweet-to-follower ratio in check.

Getting setup

You will need to create credentials for your app at and create a hidden JSON file in your home directory at for your operating system:

  • Windows: /home/<USERNAME>/.tweeter-totter.json
  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/.tweeter-totter.json
  • Linux: /home/<USERNAME>/.tweeter-totter.json

Look at the credentials-example.json file in this repository to see how it should be structured.

How to use

Once you've setup your credentials you can run Tweeter Totter:

node bin/tweeter-totter.js

If you'd like to install it globally so that you can simply invoke tweeter-totter from anywhere you can do so like this:

npm install -g

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