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Fixed renaming to Tweeter Totter

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georgemandis committed Aug 8, 2019
1 parent 1f6dd55 commit 3d52008b8eea04c366bdf237e417f6962b36809d
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@@ -1,3 +1,11 @@
# Tweeter Totter

Keep your Twitter tweet-to-follower ratio in check.
Keep your Twitter tweet-to-follower ratio in check.

You will need to create credentials for your app at []( and create a hidden JSON file in your home directory at for your operating system:

- Windows: `/home/<USERNAME>/.tweeter-totter.json`
- Mac: `/Users/<USERNAME>/.tweeter-totter.json`
- Linux: `/home/<USERNAME>/.tweeter-totter.json`

Look at the `credentials-example.json` file in this repository to see how it should be structured.
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
const Twitter = require("twitter");
const homedir = require('os').homedir();
const chalk = require('chalk');
const credentials_file = `${homedir}/.twitter-balancer.json`;
const credentials_file = `${homedir}/.tweeter-totter.json`;
let twitter_credentials, client;

console.log(`\nLoading credentials from ${credentials_file}\n`)

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