RESTful search server built on top of Sphinx full-text search engine. Uses realtime indexes, Django, Nginx & Redis.
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Techu v0.2-beta

RESTful search built on top of Sphinx full-text search engine.

  • Organize your Sphinx configurations with Techu database schema
  • Re-use index and searchd parameters
  • Automatically regenerate configurations and restart searchd
  • Easy & efficient document indexing using HTTP calls and passing data in JSON format
  • Asynchronous execution of statements using Redis as a buffer
  • Bulk insert feature for fast index rebuilding
  • Perform full-text search fast using JSON to provide attribute filters, sorting parameters and grouping
  • Retrieve highlighted excerpts (snippets) from documents, compliant with the search query syntax
  • Cache search results and excerpts directly to Redis


  • Realtime indexes
  • Django Framework
  • Nginx web server
  • Redis in-memory key-value storage
  • MySQL

Take a look at the overview page.

Still a beta version and requires a lot of work to be done (and much more documentation as well, especially regarding the /search request!). I am also preparing some benchmarks. I would be very thankful for any constructive criticism and anyone willing to test it!

Stay tuned!