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Splunk Universal Forwarder TA to disable Rest API port 8089
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UF-TA-killrest : Splunk Add-on for Disabling the Rest API Port on Universal Forwarders

Author: George Starcher (starcher) Email:


This is a very simple app for killing the rest port (8089) on Universal Forwarders it is sent to. I use this since in a lot of cases I do not need REST API or CLI commands on a UF. This reduces the SSL attack surface if there are new vulnerabilities like Heartbleed.


  1. Send to the universal forwarders you wish to disable 8089 on.
  2. Do NOT send to Splunk servers as 8089 is used all the time for Splunk server.


  1. Use this only if you are sure you do not need REST or CLI functions on a Splunk Universal Forwarder.
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