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Custom Responsive CMS

  • This is a project for a Custom CMS
  • For front end we will use HTML5/CSS3, Javascript/Jquery, Bootstrap and for back end PHP/Mysql
  • We will have administration, register and login for users, post, search, recent posts, excerpt, comments and many more features that you see in Wordpress/other CMS


Explanation for each file so we understand what every folder does:

admin - Everything for the admin area will be inserted here

  • css -> Our css for the admin area
  • font-awesome -> Extra icons from font-awesome
  • fonts -> Some extra fonts
  • includes - folder that we have our template for each circumstance
    • add-post.php -> insert post to db
    • add-user.php -> insert user to db
    • admin-footer.php -> the footer of admin area which has our scripts
    • admin-header.php -> html head with styling and what we need to run at start like connection to db, functions etc...
    • admin-navbar.php -> top and side navigation
    • edit-categories.php -> edit a category
    • edit-post.php -> edit a post
    • edit-user.php -> edit user
    • view-all-comments.php -> table that shows all comments
    • view-all-posts.php -> table that shows all posts
    • view-all-users.php -> table that shows all users
  • js -> jquery, bootstrap.js, all files for the wysiwyg editor
  • categories.php -> the categories page
  • comments.php -> the categories page
  • index.php -> our dashboard with the google charts and details for how many posts, comments, users, categories
  • posts.php -> using switch and according what we GET from URL shows posts/edit post
  • profile.php -> you can edit directly the profile of the user who is connected thanks to SESSIONS
  • users.php -> using switch and according what we GET from URL shows users/edit-user

Root folder - All files except the admin folder

  • css - Nothing strange our css
  • database tables - You can find the tables that will be used so you just create a new database, import them and connect to your DB
  • fonts - Extra fonts
  • images - We will insert our images
  • includes - Files like connection to DB, navbar, footer etc so we don't repeat ourselves and just call them where we want
  • js - Javascript for the site
  • static layout template - Here you can find the responsive static layout
  • category.php - Viewing posts for currect category only
  • functions.php - Clean, maintainable code with functions that's called when needed anywhere
  • index.php - Main page that shows all posts and we can have our navigation
  • post.php - Showing current post from excerpt from main page
  • search.php - Search page when we submit a search at main page

How to run it

Import the database tables from database tables folder in phpMyAdmin or manually. Configure the db_connect.php in includes folder accordingly since all connections to database depend on that. You are ready to go!


Custom CMS with PHP/MySql






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