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+Sample ASP and ISAPI Components
+From October 1996 to May 1997, I wrote a number of sample components
+for the then-new [Active Server Pages](
+(Classic ASP).
+I worked for MicroCrafts, a consulting company in Redmond, WA;
+the samples were written for Microsoft's
+[Internet Information Server](
+(IIS) team.
+Most of the components used Microsoft's new
+[Active Template Library]( (ATL),
+a C++ library for COM.
+This work had two important consequences for me:
+Microsoft recruited me to join the IIS development team
+to work on improving ASP performance for IIS 3,
+and Wrox Press invited me to write
+[Beginning ATL COM Programming](
+I was originally supposed to be the sole author of the book,
+but I was a slow writer and I was caught up in the IIS 4 deathmarch,
+so Wrox brought in three more co-authors to complete the book.
+A fourth co-author was brought in for the second edition,
+[Beginning ATL 3 COM Programming](
+As for IIS, I spent seven years on the team,
+where in addition to leading the performance team,
+I also worked on the
+kernel driver that was released in Windows Server 2003 (IIS 6).
+For many years, these components could be found at
+I'm making them available now at Github.
+/George V. Reilly, 2013/12/12
+Original README
+(lightly edited)
+Cookie Munger
+2002/09/14. I have added the Cookie Munger sample ISAPI filter as a separate file.
+It is no longer included in recent copies of the Platform SDK.
+Sample ASP Components
+In the Spring of 1997, I wrote an article on
+[Developing Active Server Components with ATL](
+At the end, I make reference to several sample components
+that supposedly live at the [Windows Download Site](
+Most of those components were pulled from the site many months ago,
+because they were marked as Beta components.
+Actually, no problems had been reported with them in a very long time, that I know of.
+I've been trying, without success, to get them reposted,
+since I get occasional requests for them.
+I've gotten sick of the delays in the bureaucracy,
+so I'm posting them here on my personal website.
+Microsoft doesn't support any of these components, and neither do I.
+If you do find problems with the components, feel free to tell me about them;
+however, I don't guarantee to do anything about those problems.
+The components:
+* Ad Rotator.
+* ASP to HTML Converter.
+* Browser Capabilities.
+* Content Rotator.
+* Simple Developer Samples in ATL, MFC, Java, VB4, and VB5.
+* HTML Table.
+* Next Link.
+* Page Counter.
+* Permission Checker.
+* Registry.
+* Summary Info.
+* Text Formatter.
+* Tracer.
+* Weather.
+Someday soon I will update the article to deal with IIS 4.0 and beyond.
+In the meantime, you could do worse than read
+* [Beginning ATL 3 COM Programming](,
+ Grimes, Stockton, Templeman, Watson, Reilly; Wrox Press; 1999.
+* [Developing ASP Components](,
+ Shelley Powers, O'Reilly & Associates, 1999.
+* [Programming Distributed Applications with COM+ and Microsoft Visual Basic](,
+ Ted Pattison, Microsoft Press, 2000.
+George Reilly, 3rd June 1999.

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