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PDB Objects

Set of classes for object-oriented processing of records from PDB files

© 2019 George D. Watson, University of York (

Available under an MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

This package is described in a post on my blog.

Supports the following record types:

  • ATOM
  • TER

No other record types are currently implemented, but can be implemented upon request.

Exposes the following classes:

  • PDBRecord (should not normally be used directly, except to implement another record type)
  • Residue
  • Coords
  • Atom (for ATOM and HETATM records)
  • Helix
  • Sheet
  • Ter

Exposes the following public functions:

  • read_atom
  • read_helix
  • read_sheet
  • read_ter
  • read_record
  • read_pdb

See class, function, and method docstrings for more information.


Available on PyPI. Use pip3 install pdb-objects to install, then put import pdb_objects at the top of your script.

Alternatively, clone this repository.