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Proof Of Concept for Android. NoFrak is designed to prevent fracking attacks, as described in "Breaking and Fixing Origin-Based Access Control in Hybrid Web/Mobile Application Frameworks" by Martin Georgiev, Suman Jana and Vitaly Shmatikov. NDSS 2014
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NoFrak is a Proof of Concept implementation for Android designed to prevent fracking attacks described in "Breaking and Fixing Origin-Based Access Control in Hybrid Web/Mobile Application Frameworks", by Martin Georgiev, Suman Jana, and Vitaly Shmatikov. NDSS 2014.

Cordova Android

Cordova Android is an Android application library that allows for Cordova-based projects to be built for the Android Platform. Cordova based applications are, at the core, applications written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Apache Cordova is a project at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).


Cordova Android Developer Tools

The Cordova developer tooling is split between general tooling and project level tooling.

To enable the command-line tools available in the ./bin directory, make sure you have all of the dependencies installed. You will need NodeJS (which should come with npm). To install the dependencies:

$ cd bin
$ npm install

General Commands

./bin/create [path package activity] ... create the ./example app or a cordova android project
./bin/autotest ......................... test the cli tools
./bin/test ............................. run mobile-spec

Project Commands

These commands live in a generated Cordova Android project.

./cordova/debug [path] ..................... install to first device
./cordova/emulate .......................... start avd (emulator) named default
./cordova/log .............................. starts logcat

Running the Example Project

Start avd (emulator) named default:


Create the example project and build it to the first device:

cd example

Start adb logcat (console.log calls output here):


Creating a new Cordova Android Project

./bin/create ~/Desktop/myapp com.myapp.special MyApp

Importing a Cordova Android Project into Eclipse

  1. File > New > Project...
  2. Android > Android Project
  3. Create project from existing source (point to the generated app found in tmp/android)
  4. Right click on libs/cordova.jar and add to build path
  5. Right click on the project root: Run as > Run Configurations
  6. Click on the Target tab and select Manual (this way you can choose the emulator or device to build to)

Building without the Tooling

Note: The Developer Tools handle this. This is only to be done if the tooling fails, or if you are developing directly against the framework.

To create your cordova.jar file, run in the framework directory:

android update project -p . -t android-17
ant jar

Running Tests

Please see details under test/

Further Reading

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