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Lamp ESP

Note: Version 0.4 is work in progress. Please, check version 0.3 for stable version.

Flexible modular non-blocking system for controlling ESP8266. You can reconfigure the system based on how you plug PINs. You can turn on/off modules which are not used. Configuration of current module is store in JSON file.

More information about the project:

Related project

Core features

Over the air update - OTA

Push new version to device over WiFi.

MQTT Client

Connects to MQTT broker - send status and receive commands.

Web server

Simple web interface which display's current status of module and let you configure whole system. You can also change the state of relay.

Configuration endpoint: /config?NAME=VALUE

Available configuration options:

  • mqtt_host - server host with Mosquitto or other MQTT broker
  • mqtt_port - server port with Mosquitto
  • mqtt_parent_topic - all topics for the devices will be published/subscribed under this topic (e.g. "/home")
  • hostname - device name used for publishing topics (e.g. "bathroom")
  • temperature_correction - correction which should be added to value measured by temperature sensor (e.g. -1.2)
  • photocell_threshold - value which is considered by photocell as light between 0 and 1023 (e.g. 200)
  • pir_up_interval - number of seconds when PIR is considered up after the first HIGH state
  • dht_interval - number of seconds between measurements

Reboot device: /reboot

Configuration for Bluemix

You can connect ESP to IBM Bluemix MQTT and NodeRed. It's slightly different than basic Mosquitto. Set following options:

  • hostname to d:[YOUR_ORG_ID]:[DEVICE_TYPE]:[DEVICE_NAME]
  • mqtt_host to [YOUR_ORG_ID]
  • mqtt_username to use-token-auth
  • mqtt_password to token from Bluemix

Common gotcha: mqtt_host does not contain 4th level domain messaging.


Start Config Portal when device is not able to connect to WiFi. Access IP to configure the device.

Customize application

Recommendation: Use PlatformIO for development.

You can turn on/off modules from code in LampMain. Each module has setup function which takes two parameters or more:

  • bool isEnabled
  • int pin

Further configuration could be done via REST API and request to config page. E.g.:

Suppored modules

Air quality sensor

Read value from analog and send it to server.


Read button value and change state of the relay.


Display value delivered to topic /+/+/display/number. E.g. temperature. Current version is using SPI SSD1306 based on library:

Current implementation has 10 pages. You can post text to any page and display will rotate through the text. To reset the page, just send empty string.

DHT sensor

Meassure temperature and humidity.


PIR sensor

Detect motion and change state of on-board led.

Relay control

Receive MQTT command and change state of relay.


RGB LED could be controlled via MQTT message sent to topic /parent/host/command.

Available colors:

  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • red
  • white

Or message black to turn the LED off.


Water Level Sensor

Indicate whether water was dete/restartcted by sensor


Master is under development. If you need stable api, please refer to branch.

Version 0.4

MQTT messaging changed to commands compatible with IBM Bluemix:

Version 0.3

Intorduced modular architecture. User can configure functionality in top-level code.

Version 0.2

Configuration is stored in config.json and managed by WiFiManager.

Version 0.1

Direct communication based on GET API, MQTT and OTA support. See branch v0.1.


Code for ESP8266 for controlling lamp relay and many more






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