Robot simulator with realistic 3D physics
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LPZRobots -- a simulator for robotic experiments

This is a 3D physics simulator that comes with a collection of algorithms, simulations, and tools developed by the Robotics Group for Self-Organization of Control.

Contributing people: Georg Martius (<>), Ralf Der, Frank Hesse, Frank Güttler, Jörn Hoffmann

Former Contributors: Antonia Siegert, Marcel Kretschmann, Dominic Schneider, Claus Stadler


see the project page: and the online help:



It consists of the following directories:

  • selforg : controllers together with a small framework for using them, developed in the robotic group yielding at self-organized behavior for various kinds of machines.
  • ode_robots : physics simulator based on ODE (Open Dynamics Engine, see This includes robots, obstacles, utilities, stuff for visualization with OSG (OpenSceneGraph, see and so on.
  • guilogger : application that coordinates multiple gnuplot windows and allows for an interactive display of data that is sent per pipe from another processes. (will be started from ode_robots)
  • matrixvix : application for interactive display of changing matrix and vector data
  • configurator : a library implementing a GUI to change the parameters interactively which is otherwise done on the console
  • ga_tools : genetic algorithms framework that can be used to together with ode_robots or for independent simulations (not well maintained) program
  • opende : directory with a snapshot of the open dynamics engine (release 0.11.1) renamed to ode-dbl in order to avoid conflicts with packaged single precision versions. It contains the capsule-box collision bugfix which is upstream (in svn)