Meetup data mining, part of the Social Media Mining Seminar at the Hasso-Plattner Institute Potsdam
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This repository collects a number of algorithms to find interesting events on Meetup. The algorithms are developed as part of the Social Media Mining seminar at the Hasso-Plattner Institute Potsdam.




  • You'll need to add a to the lib folder that should contain the HANA jDBC driver. Project members can find a copy here.
  • Install the libs to your local repository by running ./

You'll need to add a file that contains passwords and connection info. It should look like that:

package de.hpi.smm.meetup_miner.config;

public class Secrets {

  public static String HANA_IP_INTERN = "<IP>";
  public static String HANA_IP_VPN = "<IP>";
  public static int HANA_PORT = <PORT>;
  public static String HANA_USER = "<USERNAME>";
  public static String HANA_PASSWORD = "<PASSWORD>";
  public static String[] MEETUP_API_KEYS = new String[]{...};

Project members can find an up-to-date version here.

Installing new JAR-Dependencies

In the case that a dependency is not hosted by any Maven repository, it can be added to the lib directory. It has to comply to a certain naming scheme, please refer to the readme of the install-to-project-repo for details. It can then be installed by running ./

Connecting to the Database

Use the DatabaseConnector, see this example.