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Dark youtube plugin for Google Chrome & Opera 15+
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Dark YouTube plugin for Chrome

NOTE: This project is deprecated, use native dark mode instead.

Build Status

A plugin that changes the Youtube skin to a black one. Perfect for watching videos when it's dark.



  1. Install latest stable Node.js
  2. npm install -g gulp-cli
  3. npm install
  4. Run gulp for automatic build-on-change and css lint
  5. Load the plugin in Chrome from the build directory

CSS processing

The CSS files use SCSS and must be named src/styles/<component-or-page>.css.scss. Any mixins reside in src/styles/_mixins.scss and the variables are in src/styles/_variables.scss.

Do not add color literals (hex or rgba) in any file except _variables.scss. If possible, use the already existing colors there and "remix" them with functions such as rgba($color, 0.4), lighten($color, 30%) and darken($color, 20%).

At the start of each new scss file put @import 'common';, which imports the variables and the mixins.

Contribution guide

  1. Clone the project
  2. Follow the Setup instructions above
  3. Make changes
  4. Make sure there are no lint errors (gulp lint must not give warnings)
  5. Test the changes in your browser (don't forget to reload the plugin)
  6. Submit a PR with a short description and a screenshot of the change
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