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A toolkit for estimating the valuation parameters of a forest massif using an orthophotomap obtained from unmanned aerial vehicles.
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Geoscan Forest

Plugin allows to search for tree tops and perform tree crowns segmentation on orthomosaic. The approximate spatial resolution of input orthomosaic should be about 5 centimeters per pixel.

Send any feedback via or using Geoscan forum .



  • Launch QGIS 3.x with Admin privileges
  • Select Manage and install plugins.. command from the Plugins menu
  • Search for Geoscan Forest plugin
  • Install Geoscan Forest plugin
  • Approve dependencies installation

Getting started:

  • Add a raster layer with an orthomosaic to the QGIS project (Layer -> Add Raster Layer)
  • Open the plugin window and select the path to the directory where to save the results in GeoJSON format.
  • Click Compute button.


  • Window size - you may set the size of the tile that is processed in one iteration of the work (too large tiles require a large amount of RAM)
  • Crone segmentation - you may enable or disable crone segmentation depending on your needs
  • Search area - you may perform tree search for whole orthomosaic or for given region - polygon


  • skimage
  • scipy
  • geojson
  • shapely

In case you install plugin via QGIS Plugin Installer, all dependencies will be installed automatically.

Manual dependencies instalation:

  • Launch OSGeo4W Shell console with Admin privileges
  • Make sure that default version of python is 3.x, if not use py3_env command
  • Install dependencies:
python -m install scikit-image
python -m install geojson

[python -m install scipy]
[python -m install shapely]


The plugin is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2

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