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We are in the process of documenting the GISMO Project via this wiki. The wiki is sparse but improving. Particularly useful might be the Getting Started guide and the Tutorials. If you are looking for some documentation about a particular GISMO feature and cannot find it, or have other suggestions, please email thompsong (at) usf (dot) edu

Welcome to the GISMO Wiki!

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GISMO helps a lot of researchers prepare their papers for conferences and publication. There are around 300 subscribers to the GISMO Users listserv and GISMO is downloaded over 1000 times a year. But GISMO is supported by unpaid volunteers only. So please help us out by citing this work in your paper. Suggested citation:

Thompson G. and Reyes, C., (2017) GISMO - a seismic data analysis toolbox for MATLAB [software], Accessed August 2018.

(update the month and year to the date you are visiting this site)

Even better, invite us to collaborate!

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