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Exclude old json-lib version from GWC #55

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GeoServer depends on two different version of the json-lib library (2.1 and 2.2.3).

The 2.1 version comes from GeoWebCache ( while the 2.2.3 version comes from GeoServer itself (

This pull requests adds an exclusion to the GWC json-lib dependency. This is necessary to get GeoScript Groovy working with the community script module.

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@jericks jericks Exclude old json-lib version from GWC
Backport of pull request #55

a bit late, but sounds good to me. Mind creating a GWC ticket to upgrade the json-lib version (and any other that geoserver has more current for that matter). TIA

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Upgrade json-lib to 2.2.3 #146

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+ <exclusions>
+ <exclusion>
+ <groupId>net.sf.json-lib</groupId>
+ <artifactId>json-lib</artifactId>
+ </exclusion>
+ </exclusions>
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