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GeoServer maintains a small GitHub wiki to document our change control process. Our previous Confluence Wiki remains available for a limited time.


Wiki Tips and Instructions

To edit wiki content sign up with GitHub and use the Edit and New Page buttons at the top of each screen. This will create a fork of the wiki, which is then used to submit a pull request.

For more information:

GitHub wikis are a normal git repository where GitHub draws each page of content. If you wish to clone the repository there is a Clone this wiki locally button in the right sidebar.


Change control for the project is managed using quick proposals which are reviewed, discussed and approved by the Project Steering Committee. For more information check out our developers guide page on GeoServer Improvement Proposals.

Add a link to the Proposals page design and discussion section:

Design and Discussion

The following proposals are currently being set up and/or voted on.

* [GSIP 1234 - Title](GSIP-1234)

Please name your page with a short GSIP-1234 name so the page is easy to reference in email. When creating the page the following template can be cut and pasted when creating a new proposal:

# GSIP 1234 - Title

## Overview

### Proposed By

John Doe

### Assigned to Release

This proposal is for GeoServer 2.6-beta.

### State

* [x] Under Discussion
* [ ] In Progress
* [ ] Completed
* [ ] Rejected
* [ ] Deferred

### Motivation

## Proposal

### Backwards Compatibility

## Feedback

## Voting

Project Steering Committee:

* Alessio Fabiani: 
* Andrea Aime: 
* Brad Hards: 
* Ian Turton: 
* Jody Garnett: 
* Jukka Rahkonen: 
* Kevin Smith: 
* Simone Giannecchini:  

## Links

* [Email Discussion](
* [Pull Request 123](
* [GeoTools / GeoServer Meeting 2014-04-01 ](
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