FOSS4G NA 2014 CITE Sprint

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Checkout the cite tests from:


Sprint goals:

  1. Get more developers set up with CITE

    Andrea will send you a WAR, Justin is going to try and get it building for everyone.

  2. Run tests, find bug, fix GeoServer or report issue to CITE Team Engine


  • Cite Tests run as a web app (manual run tests) or run as a batch file (for nightly builds)
  • Run GeoServer with a specific "cite" data directory (has the sample data cite tests expect)

Manually running tests (from the cite web app):

  1. login create, create session
  2. Select organisation, specification, version, revision
  3. It will ask you few questions (example current update sequence 19, higher is 20, lower is 18)
  4. Run: Beep Boop Click
  5. Get an HTML page / report with pass fail details


  • WMS test asks interactive questions! Everything else is automatic
  • We do not run all the tests (example WFS 1.1 but not WFS 2.0)
  • Some of the "tests" are strange (DEM results as a stack of cards, one for each elevation)
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