GSIP 110

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GSIP 110 - Promoting the Printing community module to extension


Promote the printing community module to an extension and update MapFish print-lib dependency to 2.0.0.

Proposed By

Mauro Bartolomeoli

Assigned to Release





The printing module has been in community space for a long time, and many users are using it. The current version is based on a very old MapFish print-lib snapshot (based on the 1.2 branch of the product). Recently a fresh 2.0.0 version of MapFish print-lib has been released. Many users are also already using a 2.0-SNAPSHOT version in their applications (updating from 1.2 to 2.0 is quite trivial and most of the functionalities continue to work with no regressions). Moreover the 2.0 version has many new functionalities and is under active development.

Promoting this module to extension would allow users to add printing support to GeoServer more simply.


Update MapFish print-lib version to 2.0.0 and move the printing community module to extension.

There is already some documentation on the module here .

These are extension requirements and their status:

  1. The module has at least a “handful” of users Looking at our customers and mails on this mailing list I think there are already many users of the community module.
  2. The module has a designated and active maintainer I’m offering as the new mantainer for the module.
  3. The module is considered “stable” by the majority of the PSC PSC has to vote on this.
  4. The module maintains 40% test coverage I’m going to add some integration tests on the servlet before committing the pull request.
  5. The module has no IP violations MapFish print-lib is GPL3.
  6. The module has a page in the user manual There is, and I am going to improve it in the process.
  7. The maintainer has signed the GeoServer Contributor Agreement If the PSC accepts me as a mantainer, I have signed the Agreement.


This section should contain feedback provided by PSC members who may have a problem with the proposal.

Backwards Compatibility

Config.yaml templates will need some changes to get a correct layout.


Alessio Fabiani: +1 Andrea Aime: +1 Ben Caradoc Davies: +0 Christian Mueller: Gabriel Roldan: Jody Garnett: Jukka Rahkonen: +1 Justin Deoliveira: +1 Phil Scadden: +0 Simone Giannecchini: +0


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