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GSIP 32 - REST support module


The creation of a new core module which contains support classes for creating RESTful services in GeoServer.

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Justin Deoliveira

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As GeoServer moves beyond just an implementation of OGC services, support for other types of service architectures is becoming increasingly necessary. REST has become an increasingly popular service trend not just in the geo world, but in the IT world itself.


The proposal is simply to upgrade the rest module from community to core. The new module will serve a similar purpose as the ows module, except it is intended for RESTful services rather than OGC services.

The module meets all the requirements for an upgrade. The module meets the required test coverage. Documentation about the module available here . Javadocs can be found here .


Backwards Compatibility

No backwards compatibility issues, this proposal is strictly additive.


Andrea Aime: +1 Alessio Fabiani: +1 Justin Deoliveira: +1 Jody Garnett: +1 Saul Farber: Rob Atkinson:


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