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GSIP 33 - REST configuration module


REST configuration interface for GeoServer.

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Justin Deoliveira

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An interface for programatically configuring a geoserver instance is something that has been needed for quite some time. The trend toward RESTful services makes it an ideal candidate for implementing such an interface.


This proposal involves upgrading the current RESTConfig community module to an extension. The module is documented in detail here:

The module meets all the requirements to make it an extension:

  • It has a dedicated maintainer
  • It maintains high test coverage, 89% line coverage, 98% branch coverage
  • It has a handful of users asking for the functionality it provides

The only questionable requirement is stability. It has just received a review and major overhaul. Currently the module contains only interfaces to allow the configuration of data. Configuring services is something yet to be implemented.


Backwards Compatibility

This proposal is additive. No backwards compatibility issues involved.


Andrea Aime: +1 Alessio Fabiani: +1 Justin Deoliveira: +1 Jody Garnett: +1 Saul Farber: Rob Atkinson:


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