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GSIP 38 - Join Open Source Geospatial Foundation


Join the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

Proposed By

Jody Garnett (and Andrea Aime via email)

Assigned to Release



Discussion is complete, incubation process started with the submission of the:


  • [OSGEO incubation questionnaire](OSGEO incubation questionnaire )
  • OSGEO Trac ticket 423 .

Incubation documents (view able from OSGeo wiki ):

  • [GeoServer Incubation Status](GeoServer Incubation Status)
  • [GeoServer Provenance Review](GeoServer Provenance Review)
  • [GeoServer Incubation Checklist](GeoServer Incubation Checklist)

Working documents:

  • [Expectations and Examples](Expectations and Examples)


Quick: The community has asked us to join; apparently this would make a difference to GeoServer adoption.

Long: We discussed joining the OSGeo foundation when it was established (collaboration is after all a great deal of fun). The prospect of limited development resources being spread across both the GeoTools and GeoServer incubation process was a bit much.


From email:

looking at the OSGEO thread it would seem all of the current PSC members
have voted positively:

The PSC has thus showed full will to go on with the OSGEO incubation.

Now, time to more on. This wiki page:

describes the steps one needs to take in order to incubate.

I looked at the principles here: [](
it seems to me we already satisfy most if not all of them, pending for
example a more careful review of our IP situation.

I guess the first step is to compile the questionnaire and find a project mentor.

What about compiling the questionnaire as a page on the wiki?


Proposal updated 2012 to reflect new incubation checklist:

  • Get direction from PSC

  • Review incubation process: **

  • Apply for the incubation process

    • Fill in the [OSGEO incubation questionnaire]
    • Create a TRAC issue: ticket 423
  • Wait for the incbation committee to accept us and assign a mentor

    • Landon Blake has contacted us, and will review above materials
    • Go over graduation requirements with mentor and ask any questions we have
  • Incubation progress

  • Initial pass of [GeoServer Provenance Review] done by OSGeo FOSS4G-Au code sprint!

    • Short list issues in JIRA, not required to fix!
    • Thanks!
  • Code sprint held at FOSSS4G-au

    • [GeoServer Provenance Review] completed!
  • Short list of issues raised during review

    • 90% handled by Jody shortly after they were discovered
    • Documentation License? Handled by GSIP - changed to CCbyA
    • Data review is stuck on a few old datasets (states, tasmania). Now sourced.
  • Review OSGeo Graduation Checklist :

    • JG: Open
    • JG: Copyright and License
    • JG: Process (github, jira, GSIP, meetings and email)
    • JG: Documentation (user docs, developer docs with release procedure)
    • JG: Release Procedure (defined procedure, automated testing, and CITE testing)
    • Board: need a project officer when we get that far
    • IT: Marketing IanT has filled in the OSGeo-Live page
    • JG: Testing
    • SAC: Need to set up redirect? No direct link is fine…
  • Confirm with mentor we are ready

    • Quickly create a [GeoServer Incubation Status]
  • Graduation

    • Be on hand to answer questions from the incubation committee
    • Select a PSC member represent the project to the OSGeo board: Andrea (who already follows the board list) has accepted the nomination
  • Post Grad

    • Update Logo
    • Blog Anouncement



  • Andrea Aime: +1
  • Alessio Fabiani: +1
  • Justin Deoliveira: +1
  • Jody Garnett: +1
  • Simone Giannecchini: +1
  • Rob Atkinson: +1


  • JIRA Task
  • Email Discussion
  • Wiki Page
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