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Use the template to create proposals (or cut and paste example from wiki instructions).

Design and Discussion

The following proposals are currently being set up and/or voted on.

Active Proposals

These proposals have been accepted, and now include a JIRA number to track their progress.

If you get a chance please update your proposal overview excerpt to include a link to the associated JIRA number. Any email discussion or pull requests can be placed in the links section.

  • no active proposals

Completed Proposals

These proposals have been completed, and have been made available in a public release.

GeoServer 2.14

GeoServer 2.13

GeoServer 2.12

GeoServer 2.11

GeoServer 2.10

GeoServer 2.9

GeoServer 2.8

GeoServer 2.7

GeoServer 2.6

GeoServer 2.5


If you get a chance please update the proposal overview excerpt to include a link to the public release.

Deferred and Rejected Proposals

The following proposals have not been accepted, either deferred to a later time based on planning, or rejected based on concerns mentioned during the submission process.

These proposals may be resubmitted when their concerns have been addressed (ie timing for deferred proposals, or corrections for rejected proposals). Some of the proposals were not ready when they were submitted in terms of resourcing backing them or proposed technical solution, however, it might the the same topic has been successfully covered by a later completed GSIP, so don't read the above list as a set of missing functionalities, various of them have actually been implemented later.