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Restore CITE Certification

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Follow up to CITE Test Upgrade, with testing in place we can now work on passing CITE tests and restoring certification.


Please see our Sponsor page for details on how to financially supporting this activity.

  • GeoServer Project Steering Committee on behalf of OSGeo

Activity is also supported remaining funds from CITE Test Upgrade sponsorship.

Code Sprint

Given the ongoing travel restrictions we are looking at setting up a remote code-sprint, with participants attending each Friday for the month of April.


We wish to avoid spending time during trouble shooting build and testing environment:

  • Please be sure to have a working GeoServer development environment:

    GeoServer Developers Manual

  • Setup Docker environment with CITE Test image for the protocol you are working

    CITE Test Guide (GeoServer Developers Manual)

If you require assistance please email geoserver-devel in the days prior to sprint participation. We will be happy to help get you going, just not while we are focused on the sprint!

Cost Recovery

As we are unable to support participants with travel costs, accommodation and lodging we are looking to try an experiment with cost-recovery following the example of other OSGeo projects:

  • Particpants are asked to email event organizer indicating which days they particpated
  • Organizations providing staff to this activity are asked to email event organizer indicating days participated

We will work with OSGeo Treasurer distribute available sponsorship based on the participation reported.


  1. Initial focus on passing build jobs from CITE Test Upgrade:

    • WCS 1.0
    • WCS 1.1
    • WFS 1.0
    • WFS 1.1
    • WMS 1.1
    • WMS 1.3
  2. Add new test that we are missing

    • WFS 2.0 - passed in isolation
    • WCS 2.0
    • CSW
    • WMTS 1.0 - passed in isolation
    • WPS 1.0
    • Maybe GML and KML and GeoPackage
  3. OGC Certification

    • Submit required paperwork, and test results
    • Update website when certification logo received
  4. Optional: Reference Implementation

    • Stand up a reference server for OGC to use (if OSGeo or OGC provide hardware) with one test per workspace/virtual service?
    • If we have the docker images already this may be an easy win


    • Keep in mind the resulting service is not a good demo of GeoServer capabilities and is only useful for certification process.
    • Unclear how to "reset" the data sources after WFS Transaction test modifications.
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