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Various tools for usage with Golang like installer, github tool and cloud features.
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Gopei2 (Go Programming Environment Installer)

version license go liteide

Gopei shell install Go compiler, LiteIDE and configure for you the entire environment, variables, paths, ide interface and even link the machine with your Github account in a few minutes with just one command.

You don't need to use complicated commands on Mac or Linux so you just have to write go programs.

Also, add some high level commands wich help you easy make a repository, clone, push or get a project and more.

This project is third party. For support see and

Read the user manual on the wiki page. For cloud tool read here.


  • Install a stable version of Go compiler and LiteIDE on almost any Unix/Linux based desktops and servers.
  • Create a simple and practical layout for ide (
  • Also create GOPATH and add a hello world project.
  • Add a nice launcher to dock or desktop.
  • Extend snippets, project templates and themes.
  • Add some useful cloud scripts for
    • working with github (be sure you have installed git before and a valid acount)
    • servers in cloud (see Quantum Teleporter).
  • Gopei shell is free as in free speech and free beer and always will be.

How to use

Download anywhere and unarchive. From Terminal go to the tools-master folder and simply run:


or if you have a github account

.gopei -g

Use -h switch to see all options.

Note that your system must have bash,curl and git installed before. Also, some systems may need additional packages.

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