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Open Source GeoSpatial Processing Simplified
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GeoBatch is an open source Java enterprise application used to process and publish geospatial data in real time.
It is an event-based geospatial aware batch processing system for make easier the development, the deploy, and the management of jobs on streams of geospatial data.
The idea is to apply a chain of actions on some defined events.
Events can be generated by included generators:
 * cron like
 * file system monitor
 * DB access
 or by external operations such as:
 * receiving files into the embedded FTP server
 * manually start jobs via JMX or via JMS
 and much more!

Actions range from geotransforming an input raster file, to embedding overviews, to publishing the received data into a public GeoServer.
GeoBatch also provides users profiles, in order to give different user the privileges to admin the processes or to monitor the processes status.
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