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GeoServer Enterprise

GeoServer Enterprise has been developed by GeoSolutions leveraging on the community version of GeoServer itself. It contains a selected subset of the standard extension plus some additional ones developed by GeoSolutions. It is released as Open Source under the GPL v 2.0 license and it is available for free.

The goal is to provide Long Term Support for the GeoServer Versions we are going to promote as Enterprise in order to ensure superior stability and maturity for those users not willing to follow too closely the "Release Early, Release Often" mantra but are happy to leave with a slightly older but more highly stable version of the software.

Long story short, the mission of the GeoServer Enterprise is stability, only priority bug-fixes and carefully selected new feature will be added. A release will be performed at most every 2 months.

The code lives in the supported branches (e.g., 2.7.x at the moment)

Check the project wiki for more information.

Building GeoServer Enterprise

Go to the source dir:

cd src

build using maven:

mvn clean install -Pcluster,activemq,wps,dxf,kmlppio,gpxppio,wps-download