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GeoServer-Manager is a Java library that provides classes to programmatically configure GeoServer through its REST API.

A requirement for this library is to depend as less as possible on external libraries. This library aims at being *lean and mean*.


Current stable version is 1.7.0 (Changelog).

Using the library

Working with Maven

In order to include the lib and its dependencies in a Maven project, the repository to point at is this one:


and the dependency tag for your pom is as follows:


GeoServer Compatibility Matrix

GeoServer-Manager/GeoServer 2.6.x 2.7.x 2.8.x 2.9.x
1.6.0 Y Y P P
1.7.0 N P Y Y


Here you can find some examples.

Additional documentation can be found here.


If you like to build geoserver-manager by yourself, please take a look to the Building instructions.


The Maven generated site can be found here.

Javadocs can be found here.

Javadoc and the maven site are automatically built and deployed by our continuous integration server which is using Jenkins

Mailing lists


Here is a short howto on how to contribute to the project.


GeoServer-Manager is open source and licenced under the MIT License.

Funding and Contributions

This library draws its essence from the efforts endured inside GeoSolutions in various projects. Funding, feedback and/or code contributions have come over time from the following organizations:

  • Initial funding has been provided by UN FAO CIOK department.
  • Code has been contributed by the UN FAO FI Department (as part of FIGIS developments)


  • Funding has been provided by the NATO CMRE Centre for various improvements

  • Funding and feedback has been provided by DLR and Eumetsat for improving support of spatiotemporal mosaics