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The ImageIO-Ext Project

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The ImageIO-Ext is an Open Source project that provides extensions, fixes and improvements for the standard Oracle Java Image I/O project such as:

  1. Support for the GDAL I/O library
  2. Support for reading/writing JPEG2000 files with Kakadu
  3. Improved support for reading/writing tiff files
  4. A Reader/Writer for JPEG images based on the libjpeg-turbo open source high performance library. More info can be found here
  5. A NITF plugin based on NITRO. More info can be found here
  6. A new PNG Writer with improved performances. More informations can be found here.

The ImageIO library provides support for encoding/decoding raster formats in Java. Some useful documentation on ImageIO can be found here.

See the documentation below for more information on the ImageIO-Ext project.

Releases and Downloads

Current stable release is 1.1.22. Check this page for additional information on how to download artifacts and binaries.

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are currently hosted on the old java.net infrastructure here.

Working with ImageIO-Ext

Here below you can find links with useful information for working with ImageIO-Ext.

Important Notice

In case you want to enable ECW Decode support, it is mandatory you agree with the ECW Eula. Moreover if you want to support ECW Decode in a Server application you need to BUY a license from ERDAS.


ImageIO-Ext is released partly under LGPL license partly under the BSD license (namely, derivative work from imageio source code). Refer to the code tree for more information.

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