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Steps for setting up this project:

  • Create a postgis database

  • clone this repo

  • create a virtual environment and activate it

  • pip install -r requirements/production.txt in your shell/terminal.

  • Ensure you have all the variables defined in deployment/demo.env, (with appropriate values) in your environment and that they will be exported to child processes.

  • Run python migrate in order to have the DB structure be created

  • Run the server with the command python runserver 0:8000

  • in your web browser enter 'localhost:8000'

Running tests

This project is using pytest for automated testing. For running tests you should install the development packages specified in requirements/dev.txt

pip install -r requirements/dev.txt

For running tests you need a DB user that has sufficient permissions to create a new database and for creating the postgis extension inside it.

CREATE USER test_user WITH PASSWORD 'some-password';

Then run tests with

DJANGO_DATABASE_URL="postgis://test_user:some-password@host:port/db" \
    py.test --flake8 -m 'not acceptance'

The setup.cfg file has some relevant settings for running tests. Be sure to check it out too

Acceptance tests

Acceptance tests ensure the code meets the expectations. These use extra dependencies and do not require the portal code to be installed. Install dependencies by running:

pip install -r requirements/acceptance.txt

These tests perform browser automation. As such they also require a previous install of firefox and the gecko driver

Run tests with (replace with meaningful values)

pytest \
    -x \
    --url= \
    --keycloak-base-url= \
    --keycloak-realm=demo \
    --keycloak-client-id=demoapp \
    --keycloak-admin=admin \
    --keycloak-password=123456 \