Static website for viewing and analyzing GeoTIFF's in the browser
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Static website for viewing GeoTIFF's in the browser


It's too much of a pain to view and manipulate raster data. The aim of this project is to make it easier by just doing it in your web browser.

Current Features

  • View TIFF File
  • Identify Pixel Value
  • Calculate Mean of Pixel Values
  • Calculate Sum of Pixel Values
  • Calculate Mode of Pixel Values
  • Calculate Median of Pixel Values
  • Calculate Min of Pixel Values
  • Calculate Max of Pixel Values
  • Calculate Histogram
  • Download TIFF File
  • Draw Polygon
  • Upload GeoJSON
  • Band Calculations (e.g. NDVI)

Features Coming Soon

  • Stretching
  • Clip Raster by Another Raster
  • Creating new TIFF Files

Very Simple redesigns the traditional GIS approach. No longer, must you learn buttonology, what every icon stands for and where to find it. has a simple search interface where you can find everything you need.

Very Secure runs all the tools and processes in your own browser. This means that any data you upload or link to is never sent anywhere. works behind the firewall, allowing you to process TIFF's behind a VPN.

No Install Required is just a website, that's it. It's just a collection of your standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Unlike ArcMap and QGIS, no install is required. Just point your browser to


Feature requests, issues, and pull requests are most welcome! To learn more go to our Contributing Page.