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GeoTools is an open source Java library that provides tools for geospatial data. Our Users guide provides an overview of the core features, supported formats and standards support.


GeoTools is licensed under the LGPL. The user guide license page describes the less restrictive license for documentation and source code examples.


The developers guide outlines ways to contribute to GeoTools using patches, pull requests and setting up new modules.

If you are already experienced with GitHub please check our pull request page before you start!


GeoTools uses Apache Maven for a build system. To build the library run maven from the root of the repository.

% mvn clean install

See the user guide for more details.


GeoTools uses JIRA, hosted by Atlassian, for issue tracking.

Mailing Lists

The user list is for all questions related to GeoTools usage.

The dev list is for questions related to hacking on the GeoTools library itself.

More Information

Visit the website or read the docs.

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