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To build the docs for the first time....
.. this is covered in the developers guide setup instructions in greater details.
Windows Sphinx Install
Install Python:
1. Python version 2.7 has been verified to work:
2. You will need to add it to your path.::
set 'PYTHON=C:\Python27\'
3. You will need Setup Tools for Python 2.7
4. Install and add Setup Tools to your path::
run 'set SETUPTOOLS=C:\Python27\Scripts'
5. Install Sphinx::
easy_install sphinx
Optionally you could install a specific version of sphinx (although we try and use the latest)::
easy_install sphinx==1.0.7
rst2pdf Optional Install
You can optionally install rst2pdf to build pdf documentation:
1. Install Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition (this provides windows with a C compiler). It is a free download on the Microsoft site.
You need to be sure to use the 2008 edition so that easy_install will compile something that can actually be linked to the Python executable.
2. Use easy install to produce rst2pdf::
easy_install rst2pdf
3. This depends on the Python Image Library (which it can probably build now that you have a compiler).
4. If you cannot manage to build you can download a precompiled Python Image Library (PIL) from here:
* (download the one for python 2.7)
Mac Sphinx Install
You can use the distribution manager of your choice (example bru, macports, etc...). The following example
is for macports.
1. On OSX Use macports to install Python 2.7::
sudo port install python27
sudo port install python_select
sudo python_select python27
2. You can use macports to install Python Image Library::
sudo port install py27-pil
3. You can now use python easy_install to install sphinx::
sudo easy_install sphinx
Optionally you could ask for a specific version (we try and use the latest)::
sudo easy_install sphinx==1.0.7
4. To build the PDF targets you will also need rst2pdf.::
sudo easy_install rst2pdf
5. If you uses easy_install to grab the python image library it easy to get compile errors.
Linux Sphinx Install
Use apt-get and easy install.
1. Python is usually available by default, if not::
apt-get install Python
You may need to use sudo (if for example you are on ubuntu)
2. Use easy_install to graph sphinx (using sudo if required)::
easy_install sphinx
Optionally you can install a specific version::
easy_install sphinx==1.0.7