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GeoTools Annual Report 2017

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Contact officer: Jody Garnett

Key Accomplishments

Releases: Maintaining two concurrent releases (stable and maintenance)


  • Completed migration to cloud hosting for SNAPSHOT server; experiment with jFrog commercial hosting unsustainable
  • Migration to infrastructure providing direct access to PSC members

Community health and happiness:

  • We were able to resolve some outstanding questions around copyright headers with the help of OSGeo legal
  • We have an outstanding request for a "government" contributor license agreement, to avoid the extra work required of volunteers to work with government officials are restricted to public domain contributions

Areas for Improvement

  • Project planning on Replace JAI has stalled pending resources
  • Improve testing with upstream projects, such as JTS, who's API changes affect our community
  • Improved coordination with downstream projects is always a goal

Opportunities to Help

  • We will be tackling Java 9 compatibility, work is well underway with a key technical challenge met, but assistance is still appreciated
  • Help plan GeoTools participation in OSGeo Bonn 2018 code sprint
  • As per Paul's keynote address GeoTools is one of the invisible infrastructure components of OSGeo that is a challenge to fund appropriately.

Outlook for 2018

  • While we have some enjoyable technical challenges to look forward to the team appears well equipped to meet them
  • We will be looking into a budget request / fundraising opportunities to support RnD initiatives in 2018.

Requests and Communication

  • The OSGeo board asked for information on how we function as a committee, this was established during our incubation process and is part of our developer guide here
  • Marketing committee has asked us to use the new branding,
  • The OSGeo board asked for budget requests for for 2018 planning, Budget Request for 2018
  • JTS Topology Suite leadership requested assistance, resulting in two letters, JTS Shapefile Contributionand JTS ORA Contribution donating code to the JTS project
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