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package tutorial
import geotrellis.raster._
import geotrellis.raster.render._
import geotrellis.raster.resample._
import geotrellis.raster.reproject._
import geotrellis.proj4._
import geotrellis.spark._
import geotrellis.spark.pyramid._
import geotrellis.spark.reproject._
import geotrellis.spark.tiling._
import geotrellis.spark.render._
import geotrellis.vector._
import org.apache.spark._
import org.apache.spark.rdd._
object IngestImage {
val inputPath = "file://" + new File("data/r-g-nir.tif").getAbsolutePath
val outputPath = "data/catalog"
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
// Setup Spark to use Kryo serializer.
val conf =
new SparkConf()
.setAppName("Spark Tiler")
.set("spark.serializer", "org.apache.spark.serializer.KryoSerializer")
.set("spark.kryo.registrator", "")
val sc = new SparkContext(conf)
try {
// Pause to wait to close the spark context,
// so that you can check out the UI at http://localhost:4040
println("Hit enter to exit.")
} finally {
def fullPath(path: String) = new
def run(implicit sc: SparkContext) = {
// Read the geotiff in as a single image RDD,
// using a method implicitly added to SparkContext by
// an implicit class available via the
// "import " statement.
val inputRdd: RDD[(ProjectedExtent, MultibandTile)] =
// Use the "TileLayerMetadata.fromRdd" call to find the zoom
// level that the closest match to the resolution of our source image,
// and derive information such as the full bounding box and data type.
val (_, rasterMetaData) =
TileLayerMetadata.fromRDD(inputRdd, FloatingLayoutScheme(512))
// Use the Tiler to cut our tiles into tiles that are index to a floating layout scheme.
// We'll repartition it so that there are more partitions to work with, since spark
// likes to work with more, smaller partitions (to a point) over few and large partitions.
val tiled: RDD[(SpatialKey, MultibandTile)] =
.tileToLayout(rasterMetaData.cellType, rasterMetaData.layout, Bilinear)
// We'll be tiling the images using a zoomed layout scheme
// in the web mercator format (which fits the slippy map tile specification).
// We'll be creating 256 x 256 tiles.
val layoutScheme = ZoomedLayoutScheme(WebMercator, tileSize = 256)
// We need to reproject the tiles to WebMercator
val (zoom, reprojected): (Int, RDD[(SpatialKey, MultibandTile)] with Metadata[TileLayerMetadata[SpatialKey]]) =
MultibandTileLayerRDD(tiled, rasterMetaData)
.reproject(WebMercator, layoutScheme, Bilinear)
// Create the attributes store that will tell us information about our catalog.
val attributeStore = FileAttributeStore(outputPath)
// Create the writer that we will use to store the tiles in the local catalog.
val writer = FileLayerWriter(attributeStore)
// Pyramiding up the zoom levels, write our tiles out to the local file system.
Pyramid.upLevels(reprojected, layoutScheme, zoom, Bilinear) { (rdd, z) =>
val layerId = LayerId("landsat", z)
// If the layer exists already, delete it out before writing
if(attributeStore.layerExists(layerId)) {
new FileLayerManager(attributeStore).delete(layerId)
writer.write(layerId, rdd, ZCurveKeyIndexMethod)
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