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package tutorial
import geotrellis.raster._
import geotrellis.raster.render._
import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
object MaskBandsRandGandNIR {
val maskedPath = "data/r-g-nir.tif"
//constants to differentiate which bands to use
val R_BAND = 0
val G_BAND = 1
val NIR_BAND = 2
// Path to our landsat band geotiffs.
def bandPath(b: String) = s"data/landsat/LC81070352015218LGN00_${b}.TIF"
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
// Read in the red band
println("Reading in the red band...")
val rGeoTiff = SinglebandGeoTiff(bandPath("B4"))
// Read in the green band
println("Reading in green band...")
val gGeoTiff = SinglebandGeoTiff(bandPath("B3"))
// Read in the near infrared band
println("Reading in the NIR band...")
val nirGeoTiff = SinglebandGeoTiff(bandPath("B5"))
// Read in the QA band
println("Reading in the QA band...")
val qaGeoTiff = SinglebandGeoTiff(bandPath("BQA"))
// GeoTiffs have more information we need; just grab the Tile out of them.
val (rTile, gTile, nirTile, qaTile) = (rGeoTiff.tile, gGeoTiff.tile, nirGeoTiff.tile, qaGeoTiff.tile)
// This function will set anything that is potentially a cloud to NODATA
def maskClouds(tile: Tile): Tile =
tile.combine(qaTile) { (v: Int, qa: Int) =>
val isCloud = qa & 0x8000
val isCirrus = qa & 0x2000
if(isCloud > 0 || isCirrus > 0) { NODATA }
else { v }
// Mask our red, green and near infrared bands using the qa band
println("Masking clouds in the red band...")
val rMasked = maskClouds(rTile)
println("Masking clouds in the green band...")
val gMasked = maskClouds(gTile)
println("Masking clouds in the NIR band...")
val nirMasked = maskClouds(nirTile)
// Create a multiband tile with our two masked red and infrared bands.
val mb = ArrayMultibandTile(rMasked, gMasked, nirMasked).convert(IntConstantNoDataCellType)
// Create a multiband geotiff from our tile, using the same extent and CRS as the original geotiffs.
println("Writing out the multiband R + G + NIR tile...")
MultibandGeoTiff(mb, rGeoTiff.extent,
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